Jeff Weiner (ex-CEO of Linkedin)

Brian Chesky(CEO of Airbnb)

 Marrisa Mayer (CEO of Yahoo)

marc benioff.jpg

Reed Hastings(CEO of Netflix)

Marc Benioff (CEO of Salesforce)

Reid Hoffman (Founder of Linkedin)

Dick Costolo (ex CEO of Twitter)

Matt Groening (Creator of the Simpsons)

Ashton Kutcher (Actor and investor)

Founder + CEO of Reddit Steve Huffman

Founder + CEO of Quora Adam D'angelo 

Founder + CEO of Box Aaron Levie

Founder + CEO of Emmett Shear 

Founder + CEO of WhatsApp Jan Koum

Founder + CEO of Stripe

Patrick Collison 

CMO@Facebook Alex Schultz

President of Y Combinator Sam Altman

Tim Ferriss, NYT best-selling author

Mrs. Sarah Mower Chief Critic of Vogue 

Bill Marriot ( Chairman of the Board of Marriott International) 

Founder of Coursera, AI expert at Baidu, Google, Stanford, Andrew Ng

Kai-Fu Lee (Influencial Chinese Venture Capitalist)